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This interdisciplinary, solutions-oriented website centralizes key behavioral science resources relevant to accelerating the adoption and sustained use of energy-efficient technologies and climate-positive actions by individuals, groups, and organizations.


This site's intended audience includes researchers, policymakers, and program/communication designers at universities, businesses, utilities, and governmental or non-governmental organizations.


The site provides a variety of resources that enable visitors to increase the effectiveness of policies, research, and programs, and also fosters interdisciplinary communication and work. They include:

The content is compiled from currently disparate areas including psychology, behavioral economics, diffusion theory, marketing, program evaluation, and others. This integration of information is intended to overcome major communication obstacles that have stood in the way of maximizing program effectiveness and research productivity. These obstacles include the different lexicons of the fields, as well as the significant time it takes to search for relevant literature and professional contacts because they are widely distributed across work sectors and databases.

The initial intellectual contributions to this site have been made through collaborative efforts between Stanford University researchers and those at other institutions. We welcome suggestions for additions.

Smart Meter Icon Sensors & Behavior (ARPA-E)
The Stanford Sensors & Energy Behavior Initiative involved 19 projects, organized into three categories: Technology, Behavioral Interventions and Data Evaluation & Modeling.
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Key Topics on Behavior, Energy and Climate Change

Some of the fields covered on this site include:

  • » Social Marketing
  • » Behavioral Economics
  • » Risk Evaluation
  • » Psychology
  • » Sociology
  • » Anthropology
  • » Education
  • » Public Health
  • » Energy Program Evaluation
  • » Public Opinion Polling
  • » Advertising / Communication Research
  • » Market Research
  • » Consumer Behavior Research
  • » Product Design / Commercialization
  • » Diffusion of Innovation